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While the volunteers of Friendswood Animal Control walked the dogs and socialized the cats, there was a realization that much more was needed to help the animals. The Friendswood Animal Control volunteers met with other animal lovers who lived in Friendswood to discuss the need to help the animals and a need for a new shelter. In November of 2009 this group of people created Friendswood Animal Advocates and the work began. A petition was stared in January of 2010 to show council that the citizens of Friendswood supported a new shelter. We were able to get the City’s attention and had many meetings with City officials to discuss the vision of a new shelter. Through city meetings, speeches to council members, and research FAA was instrumental in educating the Council of the importance of the FM 528 site for a shelter and getting funds approved for a new shelter. The shelter broke ground in May of 2011. Even though our main mission had been accomplished, there were still many milestones to complete.  FAA was able to help create a pit bull adoption policy, provide animals with medical attention when injured or sick, and promote animals for adoption at Friendswood Animal Control. In the last year FAA has provided pet owners with cat/dog food and provided funds to have their pet sterilized. We hope to maintain all these efforts to save the lives of animals. With continued support from the citizens, we hope to see an increased budget for the shelter, more regular volunteers, and the adoption policy at Friendswood Animal Control becoming as important as the mandated animal control policies so even more lives will be saved.

All FAA Board members are Pet CPR & First Aid trained.

2015 Board Members

Melanie Reyes
Tina Wood
Cathy Barido
Bob Selig
Karen Van Auken

Melanie Reyes - President


As far back as Melanie can recall, she has always had a pet in her home. Many of the pets were strays taken in by her parents. Melanie loved them all, but her fondest childhood memory was of her Standard Poodle named Charles Junior. Once out of her parent’s home and on her own, Melanie chose to rescue a stray cat to call her own. Over the years Melanie has rescued or adopted seven animals and regularly fosters animals. "I am certain that I will always have an animal in my home. Fostering animals has taught my two daughters how crucial it is for humans to take responsibility for their animals." Melanie hopes to one day be known for helping educate children in Friendswood and surrounding comminutes of the importance of having animals spayed or neutered.

Cathy Barido - Vice President


Growing up, Cathy never had a pet to call her own.  It wasn’t until 1997,  that she rescued her very first dog, Taz, who was such a joy. Then a few years later, she rescued her second pet, Hunter, who was also a wonderful dog. They have since passed away. After working at job for 30 years, in which she never had a sense of fulfillment and after being laid off, she decided to volunteer at the local animal control.  She instantly felt a sense of satisfaction after her very first day of volunteering and she looked forward to arriving each day to volunteer her help with all the animals.  She is also very proud to be part of the wonderful Friendswood Animal Advocates organization.  Her husband and she currently do not have any animals of their own, because they both enjoy fostering knowing that they are helping a loving animal find their forever home..

Bob Selig - Treasurer


Bob Selig, Treasurer, has lived in Friendswood since 2011, having moved here from Houston with wife Susan and several dogs and cats.  He is the President of TACS, Inc., handling bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, tax preparation and financial planning for personal and business clients since 1987.    Bob is an Enrolled Agent, licensed by IRS and is specifically trained in federal tax planning, preparation and representation, requiring a minimum of 72 hours Continuing Professional Education every three years.  Bob is also an animal lover, and is presently assisted in his work not only by his beautiful wife Susan, but dogs Maverick and Cherokee and cats Duchess and Brazos.

Tara Tavarez - Secretary

TaraCat.jpg TaraDog.jpg

Tara has always loved animals and started volunteering for the Galveston Island Humane Society (GIHS) 5 years ago.  Little did she know how involved she would become.  She served on the Board of Directors of the GIHS for 1 year and is still currently volunteering and fostering at GIHS.  She volunteers for Friends Animal Control (FAC), and she became secretary for Freindswood Animals Advocates (FAA) in 2013 because it was hard not be apart of this wonderful organization.  She loves FAA so much she decided to stay on a secretary for another year.  

She is mom to a spoiled 3 year old dog name Bonnie, who was adopted from FAC 3 month ago, and a spoiled 9 month old cat named Bunny, who was a foster failure from GIHS.  Her passion in life is helping as many animals as she can.  

Vicky Glenn - Curator


Vicky is a very proud member of Friendswood Animal Advocates. She believes in the work that the group does and is so impressed with the professionalism and dedication of the volunteers. Of course, she loves animals! She currently has two black cats, a Doberman Pinscher, and an Arabian horse. She likes to foster dogs and cats from the shelter, and she also bottle feeds orphan kittens.

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