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While the volunteers of Friendswood Animal Control walked the dogs and socialized the cats, there was a realization that much more was needed to help the animals. The Friendswood Animal Control volunteers met with other animal lovers who lived in Friendswood to discuss the need to help the animals and a need for a new shelter. In November of 2009 this group of people created Friendswood Animal Advocates and the work began. A petition was stared in January of 2010 to show council that the citizens of Friendswood supported a new shelter. We were able to get the City’s attention and had many meetings with City officials to discuss the vision of a new shelter. Through city meetings, speeches to council members, and research FAA was instrumental in educating the Council of the importance of the FM 528 site for a shelter and getting funds approved for a new shelter. The shelter broke ground in May of 2011. Even though our main mission had been accomplished, there were still many milestones to complete.  FAA was able to help create a pit bull adoption policy, provide animals with medical attention when injured or sick, and promote animals for adoption at Friendswood Animal Control. In the last year FAA has provided pet owners with cat/dog food and provided funds to have their pet sterilized. We hope to maintain all these efforts to save the lives of animals. With continued support from the citizens, we hope to see an increased budget for the shelter, more regular volunteers, and the adoption policy at Friendswood Animal Control becoming as important as the mandated animal control policies so even more lives will be saved.

Tina Wood - President


Tina’s work with animals began early in life. From tarantulas to mules; she’s had them all. Providing care to animals comes naturally to her since she first served at the Houston Zoo during her high school years, as an adult for the SPCA, and in April 2009 as a Friendswood Animal Control volunteer. She helps keep Friendswood Animal Control running smoothly and efficiently for the daily care of the shelter animals. As one of the most positive, happy, smiling faces at the facility, she keeps everyone ‘up’ in this sometimes tough world. A true animal lover with a calling to serve, Tina is regularly seen taking kittens or a dog out for a kennel break and just loving on them. “Animals will always be a part of my life whether my own pet or a homeless pet,”

Melanie Reyes - Vice President


As far back as Melanie can recall, she has always had a pet in her home. Many of the pets were strays taken in by her parents. Melanie loved them all, but her fondest childhood memory was of her Standard Poodle named Charles Junior. Once out of her parent’s home and on her own, Melanie chose to rescue a stray cat to call her own. Over the years Melanie has rescued or adopted seven animals and regularly fosters animals for Friendswood Animal Control. "I am certain that I will always have an animal in my home. Fostering animals for Friendswood Animal Control has taught my two daughters how crucial it is for humans to take responsibility for their animals." Melanie hopes to one day be known for helping educate children in Friendswood and surrounding comminutes of the importance of having animals spayed or neutered.

Karen Van Auken - Board Member


Karen has two miniature Schnauzers, Fancy and Happy, calling the shots at our house.  Her husband is not a cat person but they now foster kittens because Fancy and Happy like them.  

She started volunteering at Friendswood Animal control because she loves animals and had a few hours a week to spare.  She went in hoping to make life a bit less lonely for a few dogs.  She never expected to become so involved, to meet such incredibly dedicated people or to feel such reward.

Debbie Smith - Treasurer


Debbie's previous volunteer experience with animals has included a therapeutic horseback riding program, Tall-in-the-Saddle, involvement with 4-H and fostering dogs in need of adoption.  She became a member of Friendswood Animal Advocates in 2009, assuming secretarial duties and presently serves as treasurer.  She enjoys volunteering at fundraising and pet adoption events for F.A.A. as well.  In 2011, she became a volunteer for 9th Life Feline Rescue as well as Friendswood Animal Control which has been very rewarding.
Her desire is to continue to support Friendswood Animal Advocates in enhancing the environment, care and adoption of animals in our community.

Tara Cantieri - Secretary


Tara has always loved animals and started volunteering for an animal shelter about 4 years ago.  Little did she know how involved she would become.  She is currently on the Board of Directors of the Galveston Island Humane Society.  She fosters and sponsors for FAC, and she recently joined FAA because it was hard to not be apart of such a wonderful and caring group of people.  She is mom to a spoiled 16 year old cat who she adopted from a shelter when he was 2 years old.  Helping animals is her passion and it is such a rewarding experience. 

Barbara Trahan - Curator


Barbara has had and loved animals her whole life. It is a privilege to belong to FAA  with such dedicated volunteers who care so much and do so much for all animals. She is unable to foster because of the number of animals she has, but she tries to sponsor and contribute in other ways when she can. She admires all who can work at the shelter and handle the sad times when  the shelter is full and more animals come in. It takes a special person to do this and FAA has quite a few of those. She hopes that someday our shelter can become a "No Kill" so all can be saved.

Friendswood Animal Advocates
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